“I’ll admit it, the first thing that drew me to the Froc was the design. Especially the white colour in combination with the wood, which fits incredibly well into our kitchen and our home! I’m also in love with how lightweight it is, since I can move it with one hand, and it really takes up very little space. Ema loves being in the Froc, and I’m so glad it’s made of natural materials that breathe, even in the hot summer months. We will be happy to use it for many years to come, later on as a desk chair, and I would really recommend it to anyone who cares about both comfort and design. It gets an A+!

In our home, the Froc highchair is indispensable. Our child refuses to eat snacks or lunch, unless it’s on the Froc chair.  No other chair will do any more. It’s great for the spine, and when eating, my child’s legs rest comfortably on the bar. We even took it with us to our seaside holiday, because it saves space in the car and really doesn’t take up much space in the camp. Our Vesna loves it!”