froc was born 8 years ago

How it all started

Matej founder of the company had the idea for a fully adaptable highchair soon after the birth of his older son Taj.

How did this happen?

After he and his wife Maruša had failed to find a proper fully-adaptable, modern, wooden highchair on the market they’d want to have for their kids, Matej set out to develop one himself.

Soon after the launch, Froc received the first awards and, more importantly, Matej’s second born daughter Kiara got a pretty pink Froc chair just for herself.

Awards Won

Media Recognitions


Our values from the start

Adjustability & Ergonomics

A high seating position with backrest and footrest ergonomics.


Certified by University researchers, tested & proven by our kids at home.


Froc is an eco friendly product, made from sustainable materials


Produced in our own factory, making sure we deliver best quality.

We grew together

Our vision is to develop the Froc brand into a comprehensive supplier of diversified furniture for kids with an accommodating line of accessories. Every new product addition will encapsulate Froc’s distinctive brand attributes: smart functionalities, natural materials and contemporary design.


Design your own Peak

With our configurator, you get to play around, and see what your chair will look like before you order.

4 base colors

6 chair colors

7 cushion options