Frequently asked questions from our customers

About the chair

What kind of material is the chair made from?

The chair is made of solid beech wood and premium ash wood. They are constructed in our own factory and are entirely made in Slovenia.

What colors are available?

The Froc chair is currently available in white, olive green, coral, black, blue and yellow. The colors of the chair will be added to and kept up to date in the future.

We can also accommodate your special requests. Send us an email: hi@frockids.com

What are the dimensions of the chair?

  • The minimum seat height is 44 cm or 21 inches
  • The maximum height of the seat is 68 cm or 27 inches
  • The width is 54 x 52 cm or 20 x 21 inches

Where is the Froc chair manufactured?

The chair is designed and developed in Slovenia, EU, with all the materials being sourced from Slovenia too.


If you want your baby to be even more comfortable, why not add our extra durable, machine-washable cushions, made of cotton! The Cushion Set covers the entire backrest and seat completely and is attached on three points to the restraint. Plus you also get the extra joy of mixing & matching different colors!

How long can a child use the chair for?

Froc grows with your child. It’s designed for 6-month-old toddlers to 10-year-old kids and everyone in-between.

Froc adjusts to your kid’s growth in three simple ways – by adjusting the backrest position, the seat and footrest height. Froc will accompany your child from the age of 6 months all the way to 10 years old.

Quality & Warranty

What is your warranty?

The warranty of the Froc products is 5 years.

When can children begin using the chair?

The chair is suitable for children as soon as they can sit unaided, which tends to be around 6 months.

Is the chair safe?

We always put your child’s safety first which is why we designed Froc around one central leg to maximize its stability. Mounted on a solid leg with four extensions, the chair’s center of gravity is always at the center, ensuring impeccable stability. Our chair is certified for safety with the SIST EN-14988 : 2017 + A1 : 2020.

Hidden elements that ensure stability

At first glance, the highchair looks like it’s made completely out of wood, but it also has embedded metal components which ensure that the Froc is one of the most stable highchairs.

Two 4-mm thick metal crossbars that are built in under the seat and under the wooden crossbar, are what makes the highchair incredibly stable. The wooden bar for the feet and the wooden back support also use binding elements and hidden screws that add to the highchair’s robustness.

What are your terms and conditions?

Here you can find our general terms:  General conditions of sale governing the selling of Froc products overseas.

Orders & Shipping


We accept payments via proforma invoice, credit and debit cards, Paypal and Klarna.

What is your Privacy & Cookie policy?

Here you can find our Privacy & Cookie Policy: Privacy & Cookie policy.

How much does one package weight?

The package of the Froc high chair weighs 10 kg or 22 lbs.

Can I use different shipping and billing address?

Of course you can.

How long will delivery take?

We deliver with DHL or GLS services. Your Froc will be shipped within 7 days.

As a family company, dedicated to quality and customer care we want to ensure each and every Froc is as special as each child. This is why we manufacture each chair individually upon your confirmed order.


Do I have to pay any import taxes?

No, we ship to all countries including all charges for taxes and import costs included. Only customers in Russia will have to pay import duties upon receival of their order.

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