Safety is in the first place

Certified by University researchers, tested & proven by our kids at home.

We always take your kid’s safety at heart, this is why we designed Froc around one central leg to maximize its stability. Mounted on a solid leg with four extensions, the chair’s center of gravity is always at the centre, ensuring impeccable stability. Our chair is certified for safety with the SIST EN-14988-1 and 14988-2 standards.


Hidden elements that ensure stability

At first glance, the highchair looks like it’s made completely out of wood, but it’s hiding metal parts, which are the very important pieces making sure that the Froc is one of the most stable highchairs.

Two 4-mm thick metal crossbars that are built in under the seat and under the wooden crossbar, are what makes the highchair incredibly stable. The wooden bar for the feet and the wooden back support also use binding elements and hidden screws that add to the highchair’s robustness.

Because of the practical design, it is easy to put the chair away under the table, which means it takes up very little space.


Safety strap

All children from 6 months to 2 years of age use the safety strap, which prevents them from climbing out of the highchair.