Adjustability & Ergonomics

For 6-month-old toddlers to 10-year-old kids

Peak grows with your child. It’s designed for 6-month-old toddlers, 10-year-old kids and everyone in between.

Completely adjustable:

The Peak high chair can be adjusted in 3 ways:

  • Chair Height – Maximum seating position is 74 cm or 30 inches 
  • Backrest – Peak is the only high chair with this function on the market
  • Leg Position

Total adjustability guarantees that child will be comfortable and safe using the chair from 6 months al the way to 10 years! Older children are not always keen to use traditional high chairs after a certain age. However, Peak, when adjusted to your specifications, looks like a beautiful ‘adult’ chair, that older children will be happy to use.

If your baby is younger than 3 years, please add the Baby Set to use the High Chair safely.

Height Adjustable

The chair’s seating position can be raised up to 75 cm or 30 inches. The chair is suitable for children aged 6 months to 10 years, offering a versatile and long-lasting seating solution.

6 months

2 years

4 years

10 years

Incredibly Cozy

The chair features a comfortable cushion made from 100% washable cotton for a cozy and practical seating experience.

Quick Adjustment

Keeps legs in ergonomic position as the child grows and use a wooden handle for quick height adjustment.

Ergonomics Study

Good ergonomics at the foundation of proper product development.

Regardless of the child’s age / height, the child always sits at the table’s height, feet are resting on the foot support and the lumbar part of the spine is always supported.


Is the smaller than most competitive wooden high chairs on the market, making it more appealing to parents looking for space-saving solutions. Peak is used as ‘normal’ chair. When eating, a child is placed next to the table instead of using a food tray, making a child part of family meals.

When not used, Peak is simply pushed under a table, not taking valuable space.


Design your own Peak

With our configurator, you get to play around, and see what your chair will look like before you order.

4 base colors

6 chair colors

7 cushion options